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The access and the use of this website are subject to the following Terms & Conditions. This website is held and managed by Inventia Healthcare Limited, Mumbai, India. The website is intended to provide information on Nutriventia – a brand by Inventia Healthcare Limited. The website contains information on Nutriventia’s products, R&D and includes information related to the business. This information is NOT intended for any individual consumer, nor is it intended to provide advice concerning the user’s health or conditions.

Please note that the information on the website is related to ingredients and not to finished products. This website is intended for customers’ and researchers’ use, and it is not aimed at individual consumers. The entity marketing the finished product that contains any of our ingredients is the one who is responsible for any assurance of the product, and the claims made for the finished product are in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country or countries in which the product is to be sold.

This website is regulated by the laws of the Republic of India. By accessing it, you accept that the laws of the Republic of India apply to all the content on this website. Nutriventia reserves the right to suspend, stop, resume, or terminate the whole or part of the website or functions thereof and alter content or information without any prior notice or explanation.

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