New certification further underscores superiority of ingredients resulting from recent scientific studies regarding bioavailability and absorption 

April 2023— Mumbai, INDIA — Nutriventia Limited, a leading supplier of high-quality science-proven ingredients for the supplement industry, announces that two of its key branded ingredients, TurmXTRA™ and Prolanza™, have received certification from the Clean Label Project. The Clean Label Project is a national non-profit to bring truth and transparency towards food and consumer product safety in America.

TurmXTRA has recently been lauded for its highly bioavailable turmeric at a low dosage, and a recent study also revealed benefits for TurmXTRA in DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Similarly, Prolanza ashwagandha has been clinically substantiated to help provide all-day healthy stress response at a single low dose.

The Clean Label Project certification is becoming increasingly popular as consumers are becoming more concerned with what their foods, beverages, and supplements contain. Nutriventia’s commitment to transparency and quality checks throughout their supply chain helped them achieve this certification.

According to Nutriventia co-founders Vishal Shah and Rajah Shah, the Clean Label Project is one of the strictest quality control certifiers in the food and supplement manufacturing industry. It is the only one that performs finished product testing through unannounced sampling and testing at retail, as well as tests for glyphosate, heavy metals, and plasticizers.

Anand Godbole, Vice President of Business Development at Nutriventia, stated, “We have been very optimistic about the success of our TurmXTRA and Prolanza ingredients based on the strong clinical trial results, and now with the Clean Label Project certification, we are very enthusiastic about our prospects around bringing these ingredients to supplement makers in the United States. Consumers want to know that ingredients are not only efficacious but also safe, and we can proudly say ours are both.”

“Consumers are increasingly concerned about long-term low-level exposure to heavy metals, pesticide residues and plasticizers in food and the consumer products and potential health consequences,” said Jaclyn Bowen MPH, MS executive director of Clean Label Project. “In the absence of federal laws setting maximum tolerance thresholds, the onus is on brands to voluntarily think of food safety differently and adapt their supply chains and quality assurance system accordingly. Nutriventia is taking exciting steps to align with new and emerging consumer expectations of food and consumer product safety.”

This Clean Label Project certification further underscores the superiority of Nutriventia’s ingredients resulting from recent scientific studies regarding bioavailability and absorption. Nutriventia is dedicated to providing high-quality ingredients that are both efficacious and safe, and they have achieved this through their commitment to transparency and quality throughout their supply chain.


Nutriventia Limited, based in Mumbai, India, is a leader in combining the benefits and assurance of both science and nature in premium functional ingredients for health and wellness. Its inception can be traced to almost four decades ago, when two scientists with deep-rooted knowledge in medical sciences, ventured out to develop solutions that were an improvement on generic products becoming the pioneers of NDDS products in India. Through the use of proprietary and patented processes, Nutriventia has addressed issues and concerns in manufacturing, formulation, and clinical research, resulting in ingredients that are superior in quality and efficacy. Nutriventia’s dedication to innovation and improving ingredients is unparalleled, making them a preferred partner in the supplement industry. Their commitment to combining science and nature in the creation of high-quality, functional ingredients is a testament to their mission to improve health and wellness for consumers worldwide.

About Clean Label 
Clean Label Project is a national non-profit (501c3) with the mission to bring truth and transparency to food and consumer product labeling. We are committed to changing the definition of food and consumer safety through the use of data, science, and transparency. Clean Label Project awards brands with products that place an emphasis on purity and surpass the minimum regulations required by FDA the evidence-based Purity Award. At Clean Label Project, we encourage brands to join us in becoming part of the solution to address the growing consumer concern of industrial & environmental contaminants and toxins in both food and consumer products. More information can be found at

Posted by:Vishal Mhaskar