Consumers today are focussed on instant gratification in all respects. This is apparent even in the Nutraceutical industry, with all supplements claiming faster and immediate action. While these faster-acting products are great for connecting with consumer expectations and may be apt in some segments like energy supplements and energy drinks, the pertinent question is, “Are faster-acting products always the solution?”

There are a fair number of conditions where having a more prolonged action makes sense, which is then achieved by multiple doses. Multiple doses are highly inconvenient for the end consumer. The apparent advantage of faster-acting products brings with it the downside that they fail to provide a more extended action, thus requiring the consumption of multiple doses to get a longer effect.

This is one of the reasons why we at Nutriventia strive to add value to ingredients using our sustained-release platform, where we use nature-like excipients to upgrade supplement ingredients to provide a more prolonged action from a convenient one-a-day dose. At Nutriventia, we have a host of proprietary technologies and technology platforms developed by our parent company, Inventia Healthcare Limited’s focus on NDDS (Novel Drug Delivery Solutions) over the last 35 years.

Through this focused approach, Inventia Healthcare has been able to become the preferred partner for the global pharmaceutical industry, and Nutriventia is now using these technologies to add value to dietary supplement ingredients across categories and segments to provide convenience to consumers. We believe that these proprietary technologies and technology platforms when used for the design and development of value-added branded ingredients, will change the course of the dietary supplement industry and the overall nutraceutical consumption patterns in the market.

Why Novel Delivery Systems?

The “sustained-release technology” is one of the many types of Novel Delivery Systems used at Nutriventia. Simply put, this technology allows the bioactive in the dietary supplement ingredient to be available for longer periods and have its effect over an extended period after ingestion.

While the technology itself is not complicated, the expertise at Nutriventia allows us to customize the release pattern for the specific bioactive. It enables the bioactive to optimize its efficacy over a more extended period than a similar conventional ingredient. 

A sustained-release ingredient provides convenience to the consumer. Consumers are able to get their efficacious dose from a once-daily consumption, rather than consuming the supplement multiple times throughout the day. While this may seem to be a small benefit, studies have shown that multiple daily doses are the biggest cause of noncompliance by consumers, even in pharmaceuticals. Therefore, in dietary supplements, where the consumption is entirely by the consumer’s choice, this convenience becomes a significant benefit. 

Apart from convenience to consumers, Nutriventia’s sustained-release branded ingredients offer a few other benefits: 

  • Extended action: Our modified release technology platform helps us stretch the action of the ingredient. Simply put, it gets more out of the ingredients’ bioactives. More prolonged therapeutic action creates a snowball effect that enables many more benefits. 
  • Convenience to formulators: Formulating a sustained-release finished product is possible, but it is not easy. It requires expertise and takes time. Nutriventia’s sustained-release branded ingredients offer the convenience of a single step or just a couple steps for dietary supplement manufacturers to develop a high-tech product. E.g., C-Fence™ provides a manufacturer with the opportunity to make a high-end Vitamin C tablet with a 12-hour release profile clinically substantiated for one-a-day dosing in a 1-step or 2-step process. 
  • Excellent offering for the consumer: Retaking the example of C-Fence™ – the tablet (made in a 1-step or 2-step process) offers a 12-hour release profile, clinically shown to lead to a 24-hour detectable presence of Vitamin C in plasma. This means the consumer needs to consume just a single dose, which takes us back to the point of consumer compliance; this is an excellent offering for the consumer. 
  • Lower cost and development time: Nutriventia’s branded ingredients are developed to be versatile and can be used across multiple platforms, which means that they have been tested in multiple dosage formats. Due to the versatility of the ingredients and application testing done at Nutriventia, development and post-commercialization testing activities and timelines are reduced for the finished formulator. The reduced development times help supplement manufacturers significantly reduce their time to market. 
  • How Nutriventia Is Making A Difference

    Ingredient manufacturers like us who formulate sustained-release ingredients make it easier for finished formulators to explore the sustained-release space, which is a very niche and specialized industry. In a way, Nutriventia is revolutionizing the nutraceutical space by enabling finished formulators to access the novel technology.

    What sets us apart:

  • Clinical substantiation: We are very particular about clinically substantiating our ingredients. Our branded ingredients are clinically validated through a combination of pharmacokinetic and human studies that validate our ingredients’ sustained-release profile and efficacy. These studies, which are available in the public domain, enable dietary supplement manufacturers who use our ingredients to also make claims for their products, differentiating them in a competitive marketplace.
  • Multiple applications: Our sustained-release ingredients can be applied to various dosage formats with ease, such as capsules, gummies, tablets, lozenges, and more. 
  • Apart from high-tech, sustained-release products, we also love creating ingredients that provide convenience in the form of a lower dose. Nutriventia is always looking for technologies and formulations that offer convenience, value and an excellent offering for the end consumer.


    The nutraceutical industry is evolving. The COVID-19 pandemic has played a crucial role in changing the overall mindset of the end consumer when it comes to health. Many consumers today are concerned about restoring and maintaining health, which is not just a good thing for the industry but for humanity at large.

    And Nutriventia is happy to witness, contribute and be a part of this evolution by formulating sustained-release and other value-added branded ingredients that enable finished formulators and the end consumer alike.


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